2014 Core Counts Leadership Conference

MasTec Advanced Technologies

Background: MasTec Advanced Technologies (AT) is a division of MasTec, Inc., a leading specialty contractor for communication companies, utilities, and federal and local governments throughout the United States. MasTec designs, builds, installs, maintains, and upgrades infrastructures that are the backbone of the nation’s economy. Telephone, high-speed Internet, electric, water, sewer, natural gas, wireless, and wind are the areas in which its work touches the lives of millions.

MasTec AT is the largest customer-facing provider for DIRECTV installation and service companies in the United States, serving over 200,000 customers each month. MasTec AT also provides installation and service to many AT&T Digital Life customers.


Challenge: In 2012, Entelechy began its partnership with MasTec AT to develop and support the implementation of an organization-wide leadership program. The result is Coaching and Leadership Essentials (CLE), a two-workshop (three-day) program designed to provide leaders with the skills and confidence to build productive, meaningful relationships with employees and to develop talent and bench strength through deliberate performance management. In addition to the two workshops, interim and reinforcement activities were designed to make the training come alive and stick.

MasTec AT knew they had an amazing leadership program in Coaching and Leadership Essentials. What needed to be equally amazing was a strong plan for implementation and demonstrated support from the senior leadership team. MasTec AT knew that this program needed to be implemented as designed (two workshops, interim and reinforcement activities) and they were committed to the process. After all, MasTec AT was looking to change their leadership culture and Coaching and Leadership Essentials was the catalyst for this change.

Beginning in August 2013, the Leadership & Culture team began to roll out Workshop One to the majority of the 500 MasTec AT leaders throughout the United States. Interim activities — designed to promote application of Workshop One learnings — followed. The next step was the rollout of Workshop Two; a one-day instructor-led training (45-60 days after attendance in Workshop One) designed to reinforce concepts from Workshop One, report out on interim activities, and develop long-term action plans.

headerimage01Here is where it gets interesting! In the midst of the rollout of the Coaching and Leadership Essentials program, the Leadership & Culture team was charged with coordinating the 2014 annual MasTec AT leadership conference. Core Counts is a two-day leadership conference for 160 of MasTec AT’s top leaders. The conference is the premier event to kick-off the upcoming year with a focus on goals and strategy for the leadership team. The conference is a pivotal point in the year at MasTec AT. It is here where senior leaders share their vision for the organization and set expectations for the leadership team. If a topic is on the conference agenda, it’s important!

With the success of the Coaching and Leadership Essentials program — and the strong partnership built with Entelechy — the Leadership & Culture team proposed an intriguing idea: what if we used the first day of the conference to facilitate Workshop Two of Coaching and Leadership Essentials? Take a workshop designed to be taught in a small class setting and morph it into an impactful learning event for 160 leaders. Sound impossible? Entelechy’s response was just the opposite. We asked, “How can we make it happen and ensure success?” The door was open for an incredible opportunity to partner with MasTec AT and make training history.

The logistics were daunting — the facilitation of Coaching and Leadership Essentials Workshop Two in a conference environment could only be accomplished by a team with a collaborative spirit, a keen eye for detail, and an innovative mindset. Truly the definition of the Entelechy/MasTec AT team!

Moving forward with the idea, some of the challenges faced by the team were:

  • Determine which sections of the program were appropriate for a large-group format and which should be facilitated in smaller breakout rooms.
  • Identify the participant makeup of eight small breakout rooms.
  • Ensure expert facilitation.
  • Create conference-specific materials for participants.

What began as an imaginative idea soon blossomed into a concrete plan that the Executive Team could get behind: using MasTec AT’s premier leadership event to demonstrate — in a very public way — just how integral Coaching and Leadership Essentials is to the leadership culture at MasTec AT.

Solution: As a result of several collaborative meetings between Entelechy and stakeholders in the conference, things began to come together quickly. It was decided that Coaching and Leadership Essentials Workshop Two would open with all 160 leaders together for opening remarks and a large group activity. The group adjourned to eight breakout rooms where the core of the workshop was facilitated in a small group setting. Each participant received high-quality, conference-specific materials designed to complement the content and enhance the learning. Participants were assigned to a breakout room to ensure the perfect mix of leadership levels.

This small group setting was the perfect opportunity for Entelechy to shine. Entelechy provided facilitators— one in each breakout room — to work as the lead trainer in partnership with a MasTec AT trainer. The facilitators from Entelechy were extremely experienced in both training delivery and leadership. Their expertise enhanced the training experience and their knowledge of the Coaching and Leadership Essentials program added significant credibility to the content presented in each breakout room.

At the conclusion of the breakout room training, leaders reconvened in the large group setting and the workshop wrapped up with all 160 leaders participating in an impactful and memorable final activity.

The enormity of what was achieved was not lost on the leadership team at MasTec AT. With the support of Entelechy, the Leadership & Culture team were the rock stars of the conference. Participants left the conference fully committed to the Coaching and Leadership Essentials program and excited about the future of leading at MasTec AT. The successful outcomes achieved at the conference further support how a culture can be changed when a cornerstone leadership program is supported from the very top. The incorporation of Coaching and Leadership Essentials Workshop Two at the Core Counts 2014 Leadership Conference was an amazing success!

Results: Shortly after the conference, the Leadership & Culture team sent out a post-conference survey to the 160 leaders in attendance. The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback and determine the level of success of the 2014 conference. Perhaps the most telling survey result was around a simple, yet powerful statement leaders were asked to rate: “I feel empowered to make a difference within my team.” An astounding 89% responded positively. There is nothing more powerful than an empowered leader!

Additional feedback for the Coaching and Leadership Essentials Workshop Two program were shared:

“The trainers and everything were so awesome! And thank you for your help with getting us up and going with this program for the conference.  Everyone was excited, there was so much positivity, and people got some key learning nuggets. So cool!!”

–  Nichole Sterling, Senior Manager, Leadership & Culture


“The content was excellent. Completing CLE2 in a group setting set the tone for how important it is to the company.”


“CLE2 was a truly rewarding experience; it more than helped tie in some loose ends in my own journey. The Social Styles assessment was an eye opener and will certainly put me in a better place to understand how to effectively communicate with others.”


“The highlight for me was the CLE2 breakout session. Unlike sessions of the past, the CLE exercises held great value with examples that can be applied to real-life work situations.”


“What a GREAT partner. All of Entelechy folks are OUTSTANDING. It’s easy to see that they live and breathe the tenets behind CLE.”


“CLE2 really put everything learned to date into practice. It appears everyone has spent some time with the Workshop One takeaways and have exercised the memory muscle….CLE2 really supports how it can continue to help us move forward.”


“As always, the program itself really teaches us how to become effective leaders. I really enjoyed learning about the different styles of leaders and role playing those differences in class.”


“The highlight for me was the way the facilitators encouraged incredible participation from the entire room. It really made it a huge success.”


“Our instructor was outstanding!”


“Two things stood out for me: the facilitator’s time management and the materials. They were very well planned and easy to use.”

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