About Entelechy

To fully understand the Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) leadership/management program, it helps to know a little about Entelechy, the company that created it.
Founded in 1992, Entelechy quickly established itself as the service- and results-leader in the fields of training and performance optimization. From the very beginning, what distinguished Entelechy was the extraordinary effort put into tailoring programs precisely to the unique needs of each client. This was combined with a sincere dedication to providing the absolute highest levels of customer service.

Most important, Entelechy programs were (and continue to be) about lasting, positive results. These results have been enjoyed by a diverse list of successful organizations including DIRECTV, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing, Sprint, Constant Contact, Convergys, KONE, the State of Vermont and scores of others.

Over the years, a number of leadership and management skills have emerged as consistently invaluable, regardless of client, industry, or leadership level. Accordingly, Entelechy refined the models and learning activities associated with these critical key leadership and management skills. This set of “go to” tools forms the basis of Entelechy’s Unleash Your Leadership Potential program and provides a consistent and powerful experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of over 20 years of refinement at a surprising low cost.

ULP is the culmination of over 20 years of creating “private label” leadership and management development programs for clients like:

  • AT&T Broadband and MediaOne
  • American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC)
  • Amherst Computer Products (acquired by PC Connections in 2006)
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Blue Fin Technologies
  • Compaq/Digital Equipment Corp.
  • CompuCredit
  • Constant Contact
  • Continental DataGraphics
  • Convergys
  • Enterasys/ Cabletron Systems, Inc.
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Forum Corporation
  • Genuity
  • IXL
  • Insight Enterprises, Inc.
  • John Hancock
  • KONE, Inc.
  • Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing
  • Linkage, Inc.
  • Lotus Development Corporation
  • MasTec AT
  • Oxford Health Plans, Inc.
  • PAREXEL Laboratories, Inc.
  • PC Connection
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Prince William County Service Authority
  • Purdue Pharma
  • Rivier College (Nashua, NH)
  • Serono Laboratories, Inc.
  • Sprint/Virgin Mobile
  • State of NH, DHHS/DFA
  • State of VT, PATH
  • SterilMed, Inc.
  • Swarovski
  • The Shumka Group
  • Thomson & Thomson
  • WellPoint
  • Xiotech

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