Complimentary Online Tools Released by Leadership Expert Entelechy to Assess Management Skills and Capabilities

Entelechy, the premier leadership development consultancy, announced today two complimentary online tools to improve individual and organizational leadership excellence.

Silver Lake, N.H. Nov. 18, 2016—

ULP_Logo_horiz_lockupEntelechy, a leader in management development, announced new resources accessible on the web for anyone interested in cultivating greater leadership impact. Once only available for their clients in private consultation, the online assessment resources give any manager insight into his or her own skill level as a leader, as well as offering entire organizations a review of how management is doing overall by ranking several categories of focus.

The Leadership Self-Assessment tool, designed for individuals, evaluates all the topics included in Entelechy’s flagship product, a customizable leadership development program called Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP). Like the award-winning ULP, the assessment examines skills such as analyzing performance, coaching and feedback styles. With just a short exam, individuals at an organization of any size will be able to receive an objective picture of their strengths and weaknesses as a manager.

An assessment for organizational evaluation, the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment, determines how well all leaders are engaging employees overall, leveraging skills and capabilities and otherwise developing talent. While an HR manager can take the test alone, downloading it for use by leaders company-wide or department-wide amplifies its power as a constructive discussion tool and a basis for future goal setting. For a limited time, Entelechy is offering to conduct Leadership Effectiveness Assessments for any organization and not only review results but also indicate recommended action steps at no additional charge.

“We believe that leadership is the key to organizational health,” said Entelechy President Terence Traut. “In the 24 years of designing and developing leadership development programs, we have consistently found the most successful leaders over the longest period of time are the ones who are continually self-assessing and determining how well they’re doing as leaders,” said Traut.

To have Entelechy conduct a Leadership Effectiveness Assessment for your organization, please visit

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