Entelechy’s Web-Based Management Development Program Strengthens Leaders Using Modern Tools

Entelechy’s award-winning Unleash Your Leadership Potential management development program has a new web-based format that enhances leadership and coaching skills for a global workforce.

Merrimack, NH September 9, 2016:

Today’s offices have grown beyond a single brick and mortar location and demand flexible learning and development tools for a work force that spans time zones and continents. Entelechy’s leadership development program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP), now offers a solution to bring award-winning leadership content to a geographically-dispersed audience. With web-based, customizable features, the ULP technology is implemented simply and globally using only those instructional modules employees need most.

Since ULP’s launch in 2013, tens of thousands of leaders in all kinds of industries have used the ULP models and tools to hone their leadership skills, develop and retain talent, and increase the organization’s bottom line. The program breaks down critical management issues of performance, development, delegation, and motivation concepts into easy-to-digest learning modules. Entelechy encourages clients to customize lessons in order to emphasize those challenges most important to the organization or even to specific internal divisions or teams.

Mastering the art of delegation, for example, is crucial for the growth of any group, and ULP distills it into levels for simple comprehension as well as quick impact.


Interactive scenarios give supervisors problems to solve with realistic nuances that make key points stick and spark lasting change in managerial behavior. “This web-based training is effective in showing leaders that delegation doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and it’s not one size fits all,” said Terry Traut, CEO and Founder. “It creates an opportunity for all employees to take their performance to the next level.”

For more details about Entelechy’s management development program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential, visit Entelechy’s website at www.unleashyourleadership.com.

Entelechy is an award-winning pioneer in performance optimization, coaching, and leadership development. Based in New Hampshire, Entelechy has been inspiring leaders worldwide since 1992.

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