Core Track Executive Reinforcement Track Implementation Guide and Support Services

Executive Reinforcement Track

The Executive Reinforcement Track was created to answer the #1 question from Core Track participants over the years: “Will my manager be going through this program?”

Making certain that leaders at all levels share a consistent understanding and commitment to implement the ULP models and skills is key to ULP’s effectiveness – and stickiness. To achieve this goal, this two-day class begins with an illuminating 360° leadership survey followed by an advanced curriculum focused on the best ways to implement, support, and reinforce ULP techniques and principles with their teams attending the ULP Core Track.

Executive Reinforcement Track participants not only learn the models their staff learn in the Core Track, they also have the opportunity to practice the models to ensure they can confidently model the skills with their staff. Additional content – like a discussion of Ram Charan’s Leadership Pipeline – adds richness for executive leaders participating in the Executive Reinforcement Track.

ULP’s unique Executive Reinforcement Track closes the gap between skills learned in the classroom and skills applied on the job. With the Executive Reinforcement Track, EVERYONE in the organization becomes accountable for leadership success!

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