Core Track Executive Reinforcement Track Implementation Guide and Support Services

Implementation Guide and Support Services

Making It Stick

With 22 years of creating leadership and management development programs for hundreds of clients, we know success comes not just from HAVING the right program but also from IMPLEMENTING the program the right way. More than any other training or development initiative you’ll undertake, leadership development – if you want it to STICK – requires that very specific activities take place:

  • Getting executive support and sponsorship
  • Clarifying and committing to leadership goals
  • Identifying costs and benefits; determining potential ROI
  • Obtaining buy-in throughout the organization
  • Communicating – informing and connecting
  • Customizing the program with your scenarios, examples, and language

The ULP Program Implementation Guide

This guide contains “the secret sauce” – tips, checklists, samples, and many tools that you will find invaluable as you make ULP your own. And since ULP has no restrictive licensing regarding use of techniques and materials, the ULP Implementation Guide is your plan for taking full advantage of your ownership, with the goal of making the benefits of ULP part of the fabric of your organization as it grows.

Entelechy’s Support Services

Entelechy is here to support you as much – or as little – as you need. Entelechy Support Services include:

  • Conducting needs assessment and focus group meetings
  • Developing your organization’s leadership competency blueprint
  • Customizing the materials, videos, survey, WBT, etc.
  • Training your trainers
  • Facilitating the training
  • Printing your materials
  • Hosting and/or administering the 360° Leadership Survey
  • Executive coaching

Additionally, Entelechy’s Support Services can bring their training development expertise to other areas of your business including sales, customer service, and training.

Why not contact us today to learn more? Or click here to download the ULP Brochure.

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