Improving Branch Performance by Increasing Managerial Effectiveness

SCM Adjusters Canada LTD

Background: SCM Adjusters is the largest division of The Shumka Group. The company is also the largest claims adjusting company in Canada serving property and casualty insurance companies, private companies and national and international corporations.


Challenge: Significant company growth through mergers and acquisitions resulted in an organization of over 60 branch offices spread throughout Canada. Many of the branch managers were high performing adjusters thrust into the role of management with no training. Some branches are large and some small; some have huge turnover in staff, others none; some have more local clients; others have more business from local branches of large corporate clients. Regardless of the particular nature of a branch, they all are challenged with meeting aggressive revenue and branch development goals.

Beside the differing character of the business at each branch, an additional challenge is how dispersed the branches are geographically. It is very difficult to bring all the managers together when they are spread throughout Canada.

Raymond Off, Chief Human Resources Officer, recognized that the development needs of the branch managers as one of the most significant challenges the branch managers – and SCM Adjusters – face.

Solution: The success of any organization comes largely through the management team. The culture of an organization is crystallized at that level. Investment in attention, training, and development at the management level always pays significant returns.

The Shumka Group hired Entelechy to create the initial design for a long-term branch manager development program and, as the first step in that program, to design, develop, and pilot SCM Adjusters’ LEAP program (Leadership Essentials for Accelerated Performance), a two-day program designed to increase the effectiveness of managers in working with their employees to achieve business goals.

Entelechy created a custom program that focused on skills that were key and unique to SCM Adjusters’ success: coaching, goal setting, building client relationships, and others. Importantly, the program was designed to introduce the concept that the branch managers’ performance needed to be strongly focused equally on their employees (people), building results (business) and building customer relationships (clients). Subsequent training and reinforcement activities will continue to add to the toolkit that was introduced during the launch training event in each of these three areas.

Branch managers were brought together in regional meetings to develop stronger team bonds and establish the foundation for future development and reinforcement activities.

Results: Based on participant and leadership feedback, the results of the training are expected to be extremely positive. Here is what participants said about the training:

“Best thing SCM has done to assist my professional growth. I appreciate the investment.”

“Enjoyed the session and have a better understanding of SCM and what they expect from their managers.”

“Very useful. I cannot wait to try these new tools.”

“Great first step in moving company forward to the next level. Information was useful and presentation was not dry.”

Raymond Off, Chief Human Resources Officer had this to say about the experience of working with Entelechy to develop the LEAP program:

“Our experience with Entelechy in developing and delivering our leadership training for Managers was excellent. Not only did we establish a genuine partnership through the experience of co-developing and jointly delivering the training, we hit a bulls-eye with the training participants, they loved the material. Entelechy’s professional and talented staff had a major part in achieving this success. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Entelechy.”

The Shumka Group plans on providing local and web-based training and conducting another set of regional meetings to build on the foundational skills introduced in the launch training. This will enable them to leverage the significant progress made to date as Shumka strives to achieve challenging business goals.

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