Creating a Leadership Culture and Mindset to Impact Business Results

Republic Services

Challenge: Ongoing growth through acquisition over the past seven years created significant challenges in fostering a single corporate culture where employee engagement is consistent and high, and turnover in key positions is at healthy levels. In locations where engagement and turnover present challenges, productivity, safety, and profitability levels also suffer. To capture all the synergies of their growth, Republic Services needed to focus on leadership and a standardized approach to leadership development that would lay the foundation for cohesively improving performance and cultivate their talent pool for the long term.

Entelechy was asked to create and implement a cornerstone leadership development program for Republic Services. A critical outcome of this program was that it had lasting results and proven business impacts. In order to ensure this outcome, the initiative was tackled with a two-pronged approach:
1. Develop a customized leadership program that would transform the leadership culture at Republic Services.
2. Spearhead the rollout of the leadership program to over 4,000 Republic Services leaders.

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