Core Track Executive Reinforcement Track Implementation Guide and Support Services

360° Leadership Survey

The 360° Leadership Survey provides participants with actionable feedback from their direct reports, peers, and leaders. Through thoughtful analysis of the survey results, participants identify areas of development, blind spots, and marketing opportunities. Creating action plans based on their results, participants use the information to make lasting and positive change.

The 360° Leadership Survey focuses on key leadership behaviors represented in six distinct categories: Show Up as the Leader, Communicate Effectively and Connect with People, Enable Me to Perform, Manage Performance, Help Me Unleash My Potential, and Motivate Me and the Team.
Entelechy can customize the 360° Leadership Survey to match your organization’s leadership competencies. Don’t have leadership competencies in place? We can help you identify your organization’s leadership competencies! 
Entelechy can even host and administer the 360° survey on your behalf, ensuring anonymity of those providing input and feedback.  Or we provide you with the source code to host the 360° survey internally.  The choice is … as with everything from Entelechy … YOURS!
If your organization is not quite ready for a full 360° Leadership Survey, no worries!  We’ll work with you to transform the competencies into a self-assessment that will help introduce leadership competencies to your leaders!

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