MasTec AT Unleashes Its Leadership Potential with Entelechy’s Program

MasTec AT selects Entelechy’s Unleash Your Leadership Potential as its global leadership/management development program.  Just months into its roll out, the program is garnering high praise and is showing significant business results.

Merrimack, NH December 30, 2014

MasTecLaunched just last year, Entelechy’s management/leadership development program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP), has hit the street with a vengeance.  Already thousands of leaders – from supervisors through senior directors – have found the models, exercises, and activities as immensely impactful and engaging.

One of the early adopters of ULP is MasTec Advanced Technologies (AT), a division of MasTec, Inc., a leading specialty contractor for communication companies, utilities, and federal and local governments throughout the United States. Looking to transform the organization and use leadership skills to address employee retention and motivation, MasTec AT embraced their version of ULP with a vengeance.  All 500 leaders – from supervisors through the CEO participated in the training, an experience that included:

  • Interactive discussions, video demonstrations, role-plays, and other instructional methods to bring the learning to life and ensure key learning and implementation.
  • Use of true-to-life scenarios in role plays and feedback sessions to build competence and confidence in the use of the models and techniques.
  • Creative and engaging activities designed to stimulate discussion and spark personal change and growth.
  • Completion of the Management Action Plan (MAP) by each participant to set goals and plan specific on-the-job application of the skills and techniques learned in the training.

Entelechy worked with MasTec AT to customize ULP to their unique environment and to address their specific goals and challenges.  As the director of MasTec AT’s Leadership Development team states, “I’ve worked with other vendors who are so protective of their intellectual property that they’re not willing to work with us in making the program ours.  Most vendors are just not open to that conversation. Entelechy was!”

Entelechy’s president, Terence Traut, states that “MasTec AT’s reaction is typical of our clients’ reactions.  They’re surprised that we’re willing to modify our training so that it works more effectively.  Frankly, I’m surprised that other training vendors DON’T allow for customization since it makes the training all that more effective!”

Entelechy goes even further, however, by authorizing clients to modify the content as their organizations grow and change.  “We don’t want ULP to become obsolete within our clients’ organizations,” states Traut, “so we provide clients with a license to modify and use the content as they see fit.”

“Each organization that customizes the core ULP program makes it unique to them,” explains Entelechy’s president, Terence Traut.  “Our goal is to help organizations create THEIR leadership program, one that addresses THEIR leadership and management challenges and reach THEIR business goals.  We have the program – and the approach – to help any size organization unleash the leadership and management potential of their leaders.”

Donna Iacopucci, Entelechy’s Executive VP of Client Relations, elaborates: “ULP is designed so the client can easily customize the program.  The core models and learning activities are immensely effective by themselves.  However, when our clients tweak the examples, augment our videos with videos representing THEIR environment, and embed their language into the program, THAT’S when leadership potential is truly unleashed!”

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