Core Track Executive Reinforcement Track Implementation Guide and Support Services

The Program

Core Track – This the guts of ULP and is geared for leaders from supervisors and team leads up through senior directors. The Core Track includes Precourse WBT, an online 360° Leadership Survey, Workshop One, Interim Activities, Workshop Two, and Reinforcement Activities.

Executive Reinforcement Track – Designed for leaders of participants attending the Core Track, this unique element cements critical leadership practices in the organization. Leaders learn how to model and reinforce the skills their staff learn in the Core Track. Everyone walks the leadership walk!

ULP Implementation Guide – An invaluable resource to help you every step of the way as you implement ULP within your organization. This comprehensive guide provides tips, checklists, schedules, and everything else you need to ensure ULP succeeds and has the impact you desire. From initial executive discussions through scheduling and follow up, the ULP Implementation Guide helps ensure that ULP sticks!

Entelechy Support Services – While ULP is YOUR program in every sense of the word, Entelechy is your partner providing the level of support you need including:

  • Conducting needs assessment and focus group meetings
  • Customizing the materials, videos, survey, WBT, etc.
  • Training your trainers
  • Facilitating the training
  • Printing your materials
  • Etc.

And while many other training companies demand that their clients sign licensing agreements that place strict limits on the use of materials and techniques, ULP has no such restrictions. You “own” the program and are authorized – in fact, encouraged – to use, modify, and distribute the material within your organization, without any additional cost. Ever.

Why not contact us today to learn more? Or click here to download the ULP Brochure.

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